Training Centre Lessons

We are delighted to continue to be the official riding centre for the UEA riding club for the 2014 -2015 academic year.
Below is information about lessons on our horses at Nine Acres Equestrian. For booking inquiries please click here.

Why choose Nine Acres to learn to ride?
We offer horse friendly, BHS qualified coaching to clients of all abilities on our  well schooled horses, using up to date training systems.
We are passionate about raising standards in the equine industry, and aim to inspire new riders as well as progressing those already established.

New rider Ali gets to know Duffy before preparing him for her lesson.

It is important to us that clients attending lessons at Nine Acres are able to benefit from the full experience riding offers, gaining the knowledge and skills required to look after horses to the highest standards.  Therefore your lessons will cover much more than simply riding – newcomers to the sport will learn to handle, groom and tack up as part of their early lessons, whilst more experienced clients are encouraged to expand their knowledge on a variety of topics, and offered opportunities to work towards BHS certificates or exams.

This all-round education ensures you become competent not only as a rider, but able to be fully involved when you find yourself around horses, and well prepared should you take the plunge into to ownership! Please take a look at our Training Philosophy or find out what to expect in your lessons by clicking on the links below.

All training centre clients begin with a 30 minute Induction lesson, to discuss your goals and establish the early areas to work on.  Once this is completed, we recommend that those new to riding begin with our Starter lessons, whilst more experienced riders will benefit from our 45 minute Private lessonsShared or Group lessons are also available to those of a compatible ability.

For booking information please click here.