The Yard and Routine

Horses settle quickly in Nine Acres peaceful, structured environment.  Our internal stabling is snug whilst maintaining excellent ventilation.
Each box is fitted with a back ”window” which is
kept open in all but poor weather.
Our post and rail and electric fenced paddocks offer secure all year turnout, either as individuals or in pairs, dependent on owners requests.  We operate to a strict routine, with horses being fed and turned out by 7.30am all year round, unless extreme weather conditions make this impossible!
We consider turnout an essential part of the horses day, and allow the extra time to fetch them from their fields for work and turn out again afterwards.
With high standards in the management of our yard, stables are fully mucked out each day, and deep beds with proper banks help keep horses comfortable.  Feeding hard feed and adlib forage from floor level allows for a more natural system for the horse, and our late night check, skip out and top up of hay ensures we keep an eye out for any problems and horses are kept occupied with healthy digestive systems.
Our 20 x 60m sand and rubber arena and miles of quiet hacking allow us to vary our horses work to their individual requirements.  Finally, we have only a small number of staff, all hard working and committed, with the same high standards and beliefs as ourselves, maintaining consistency in every part of your horse’s training.

We believe our management system, along with our attention to detail in training, is key in keeping our horses happy and healthy.