The Horses

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At Nine Acres Equestrian, we treat each of our horses as individuals.  Without them, it would not be possible to educate our clients to the high level of horsemanship which we are passionate about making available to riders of every level.

We would like to say an enormous “Thank You” to the owners of all the horses made available to us in the training centre, who come from a wide variety of homes – from ex competition horses to happy hackers. One thing all our owners have in common is a genuine love of their horses, and a desire to do their best for them. This is essential for any horses joining our team, as we believe riders should learn correctly from the early stages, and this is only possible when riding horses that have been well schooled and are happy, comfortable and confident in their work.

All of our horses are seen by accredited equine physiotherapist Jo Spear before starting work in the centre, and will follow an evolving programme to ensure they are kept at optimum performance for the work they are asked to undertake.  Jo is one of the leading equine physiotherapists in the UK, and with her help and a lot of dedication from owners and our team at Nine Acres we have had much success in revitalising horses that  looked to be heading towards an early retirement.

All of our horses are ridden in snaffle bridles with caveson nosebands.  We believe too often stronger bits and restrictive equipment allows riders to believe they are successfully performing an exercise, when in fact better basics are required for the work to be carried out in a manner that offers any long term benefit to the horses training programme.

Encouraging riders to understand the majority of “problem” horses are in fact caused by poor handling, riding or training methods is one of our major motivations – therefore we take great pride in our horses health, comfort and contentment. You can see more about our yard routine, and the management factors we believe help to set us apart here