About Us

Sunrise at Nine Acres

Nine Acres was converted to an equestrian establishment by the Heaton family in 2004.  Settled in the very centre of Norfolk, with owners living on site, we offer horse friendly facilities and a wealth of experience, and are passionate about raising standards in the equine industry.  We promote high quality instruction by making it available to all, not just the privileged or gifted.  We also stand up for excellent standards of care, ethical horsemanship and light, harmonious training of horse or rider. We do not use training aids or gadgets in the production of our horses.

In 2011, following a request from the UEA riding club,we expanded our services by opening a licensed riding school, approved by Breckland Council.  We are delighted to continue to provide training for the UEA riding club members for 2013 -2014. We also provide coaching for those with their own horse, are an approved Pony Club centre with a range of activities, BHS Training and have occasional vacancies for training and working livery.

For many people, learning to ride at Nine Acres opens up a path of surprising ease and logic when training and riding horses.  There is nothing new or revolutionary in what we teach. We do not offer far fetched promises, fancy gimmicks or “branded packages” of Horsemanship.

Given this, it is strange that the most frequent response at the end of an induction lesson is “I don’t understand why no-one has taught me this before.”

To be honest, we don’t really understand it either.  It is a mystery why people continue to push, pull and battle with their horses, when everything is so much easier when the horse performs willingly and the rider allows them to do their job. If you have your own horse you can learn more about our Training Philosophy or Freelance Coaching here.
If you are interested in taking lessons on our safe, responsive school horses, further information can be found here.

We believe we offer a unique set of services within Norfolk, based around honest assessments and realistic programmes to help horses and riders achieve  their goals.
We hope our website offers a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of our work, so please enjoy browsing.  Click on the links to take a look at how we can help you, or to learn more about our The Yard and Hazel Heaton.