The Fresh Start Scheme

Fresh Start Application Form

The Fresh Start Scheme has been developed to support, advise and educate responsible owners who wish to resolve or avoid problems with the behaviour, soundness or performance of their horse.

Every year, hundreds of horses and ponies move from home to home, often sold for ever decreasing prices and ending up in a downward spiral, ultimately passing from pillar to post amongst low end dealers and auction rings. These are the horses at risk of becoming a welfare concern.  They are dependent on falling in to the hands of an owner who acts responsibly and works to resolve the problem, rather than passing them on.
I’m passionate about helping to break that cycle, and help owners help their horses. That’s why I created the Fresh Start Scheme.

The description and behaviour of these horses covers a wide range of behaviour, including:
Spooky                             Bargy                               Bolshy
Under-performing         Unpredictable              Mounting issues
Napping                           Bucking                          Rearing
Lazy                                 Tense                               Fizzy
Strong                             Excitable                         Quirky
Refusing                         Rushing                          Careless

With knowledgeable, experienced consultants to devise individual action plans, offer ongoing support and discuss options, the Fresh Start Scheme also has access to highly regarded professionals who can be brought in to target specific areas.

Who is The Fresh Start Scheme available to?

Owners who are experiencing problems with their horse, meaning they are unable to enjoy them, or are questioning if he/she is the right horse for them.
Owners who need to sell a “difficult” horse who are concerned there is a risk or him/her being passed from pillar to post.
Owners who have taken on a “project” horse or pony (intentionally or by chance) and would like to give him/her the best chance of success.
Owners noting small changes in behaviour, who want to resolve issues before a problem escalates.
Owners looking for comprehensive advice to ensure their horse or pony is able to fulfill its required role happily and comfortably.

What is the cost of the Fresh Start Scheme?
Following the completion of your Fresh Start Application Form you will be offered a free 15 minute consultation by phone, to discuss the information you’ve given and to arrange your initial consultation if you wish to proceed.

An initial consultation is charged at £40 plus travel. This includes a comprehensive written report emailed to you after your session, giving an assesment of your horse’s behaviour and a step by step plan for moving forward with their training.
You are under absolutely no obligation to make any follow up appointments with Fresh Start Consultants or any recommended professionals .

Follow up sessions are charged at £35 plus travel, and will offer coaching support and advice as your horse progresses with their training.

What is involved in the initial consultation?
Please allow 2 hours for your initial consultation. During this time we will take a more in depth history of your horse, and discuss any areas you feel need addressing.
We will look at your preferred outcome, and any limitations concerning you (These might include financial, time, facilities, confidence, or anything else you feel needs to be taken in to account).
This will be followed by a comprehensive assessment of your horses and situation, and finally the development of an individual action plan to help you and your horse reach the most desirable outcome.

How do I arrange a free 15 min phone call, or an initial 2 hour consultation?
At the top of this page you can find the link to The Fresh Start Scheme Application Form. Please complete and return this, and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

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