Hillcrest Prince

EdwardWebsiteStable Name: Edward
Height: 16.3hh
Colour: Bay
Breed: Irish Sports Horse
Sex: Gelding
Age: 22 years.
Owner: Nine Acres Equestrian

Edward arrived with us in November 2014, having been imported from Ireland just a few months earlier. Although we have been unable to contact his original owners, he has a useful competition record competing in affiliated eventing at Novice level and up to 1.20m in affiliated SJ. Edward thrived on a little TLC, and was an immediate hit due to his incredibly sweet nature – he’s a true gentleman.
Initially all his work was inhand (unmounted) exercises to help him develop muscle.
Ed is now used in the school for a range of customers. Although we keep his work load low, he is popular with advanced riders in their early lessons here as his quality still shines through. Fortunately he is kind enough to take those who are less confident or inexperienced as well, so we hope he will be able to spend his final years in comfort, educating a range of clients here at Nine Acres, where he has made firm friends with Mr Cloggs!

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